TLT Pumpkin 3D Model

Adding 3D models into OAKS with SketchFab!


SketchFab is the world’s largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D content. More than a million creators have created 3D models across a broad range of topics and categories, including Art & Abstract, Science & Technology and Cultural Heritage & History. You can view and upload models on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices. It even supports Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality!

The TLT Pumpkin was created by Instructional Technologist Jack Wolfe. Click the Play Button to view the model in 3D! Left Click & Drag to orbit around the model and use the Mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in/out.


Want to share an existing 3D model with your course? Sketchfab supports embedding into OAKS!

  1. Navigate to a model’s page.
  2. Click on </> Embed.
  3. Copy the Embed Code.
    1. Select Show Options to customize the viewer size and other options before copying.
  4.  Paste the Embed Code into your OAKS course (such as a piece of Content) just as you would a YouTube or Kaltura video.
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App of the Week: StreamToMe

Use StreamToMe on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to play *video*, *music* and *photo* files streamed over WiFi or 3G from your Mac or Windows PC. No prior conversion or syncing required (huge number of formats supported without conversion) just tap the file and it plays. Using TV out cables (iPhone4 or newer) or an Apple TV (with iPhone3Gs or newer), StreamToMe can play through your TV, turning your iPhone/iPod/iPad plus your Mac/PC into a home media center for all your files.

Price: $2.99

Platform: iPad and iPhone

More info

Multimedia service

New Way To Use Stream with OAKS


Multimedia service

STREAM, the College’s streaming media server, is a great way to stream large videos to your students via OAKS. The upcoming OAKS 10.3 upgrade requires us to make a minor change to how you embed these STREAM videos in OAKS. You will still upload your media to STREAM as you always have. The change comes in generating an embed code. When you go to the embed generators at you will now see a new OAKS option. If you wish to embed a Stream video to OAKS you MUST use this new OAKS Streaming Script Generator.

TLT provides tutorials on how to upload media to STREAM and how to use the embed codes in OAKS.

How to add media to the Stream Server (for our current OAKS version, 10.0)

How to add media to the Stream Server (for our new OAKS version, 10.3 coming May 9th, 2014)