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App Recommendation: 1Password

Are you tired of trying to remember every password you have or worried about using the same one over and over?  Try 1Password!  1Password is an app that stores all of your passwords in one area, locked securely by one main password.  You enter this one password and it will sign you into any of your accounts.  It will also generate and save secure passwords for any new accounts you may create.  1Password is integrated into your web browser and on as many devices as you need.


This app uses a combination of encryption and key derivation to ensure that no one can see your data while in use and everything is fully encrypted when you are not actively using 1Password.  

You can try it free for 30 days and after it’s $2.99 a month or $4.99 a month for a family subscription.

Check it out: 1Password

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App recommendation: Prizmo – Scanning, OCR and Speech

What is ?  Take a photo of a document then Prizmo converts it to text and then allows you to hear it read aloud or save/export as a searchable PDF.

Price: $ 9.99

Platform: iOS also for Mac supporting OS X 10.10 or higher for $49.99

Android users – see the following site for a list of Android apps that are similar to Prizmo: 

More Information: 

User review of Prizmo


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App recommendation: Clear -Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists

At last week’s TLT Faculty Open House we asked those that attended to recommend a favorite app and Clear was a clear favorite!

What is Clear?  An easy to use to-do list and reminders app.

Price: $4.99

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Clear for Mac which is available separately on the Mac App Store

More Information: 

To install and to learn about the app from the developer visit: 

One review of Clear as well as  a comparison to other to-do apps:

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App of the week: Blab

What is Blab?

From Blab’s site “a platform for publicly broadcasting live video conversations or talk shows.” Blab allows for live video conversations. In addition to a host you can have 3 other people talking live at once on a split screen.  All Blabs are public so an unlimited number of people could also just watch.

Use it for debates, discussions, or a podcast which you as the host have the option to record.  The recording can then be accessed via a url, but as host you will also be emailed a copy ( an MP3 & MP4). A Recording  or “Replays”cannot be deleted, but  as the host you can make your “Replay” public or hidden.

There is also a screen share and co-host option .

If you did not want to host a Blab then watch other live video conversations on topics or specific content that you are interested in.  Search by a keyword then choose a Blab that interest you by clicking the “Watch” button.

Things to be aware of:

You need a Twitter account in order to log in

Although you can choose which callers to let into your Blab and they are the ones then that can ask questions and you can screen share with, “Blabs” are always public.  I suggest you review the Privacy policy before you host a Blab:

Price: Free
App –

Desktop –

Platform: Desktop ( using Chrome browser) or iPhone. On Android devices the Chrome browser works

More Information:

Getting started with Blab at  and

Blab tutorial at

Blab Daily Digest at

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App of the week: Marvin – eBook reader for epub

Looking for a eBook reader that allows you to export notes you have taken while reading, has full text search and a sleep mode?  Then Marvin is the e-Reader app for you!

Here are just a few of the features noted on the iTunes store

  • 2 column layouts in both portrait and landscape on the iPad
  • A reading timer
  • Customizable gestures
  • Powerful highlighting and annotation tools
  •  Intelligently search for and pin web content such as articles, reviews and videos
  • Sorting, filtering and grouping
  • Virtually all the content you see, create and find can be exported and shared
  • All exported content can be opened in web browsers and word processors for further reference

Price: $3.99

Platform: iPad and iPhone

More Information:

To see all the features and to download, visit:

For a comparison of Marvin and other e-readers apps go to:

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Record a Screencast of your iPad/iPhone from your Mac for Free!

This is for all my Mac users running Yosemite (OS 10.10).  Here’s a handy tip that you may not know that allows you to record what you are doing on your iPad or iPhone to a movie that you can share with your students or others.   In the past we’ve been able to do this by purchasing additional software such as AirServe or Reflector but these cost money (not a lot $14-$19) and they didn’t work on our CofC secured network.  Now if you are running the newest Mac OS 10.10 you can do this using only the USB cable you use to charge your phone and the built-in Quicktime Player.

Here’s a quick rundown:

1)  Connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer using the USB to lightning cable.

2)  On your computer launch QuickTime and select File > New Movie Recording from the menu bar.

3)  Choose your iPad or iPhone from the dropdown menu next to the record button.

4)  Press the record button to record.

5)  Press it again to stop recording.

6)  Choose File > Save to save the video recording.

Here’s a better way to understand what to do:

Now remember, this will only work with Macs running Yosemite and iOS devices that use the lightning connection. I hope this helps the Mac folks. For all you Windows users, if you have this need then contact your Instructional Technologist for assistance.

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Track Your Teams with Score Keeper by Learning Dojo

Score Keeper – What is it and how can I use it?

Platform – iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
Price – free in the App Store (NOTE: this is listed as an iPhone app)
Download – 


Using Team Based Learning or Gaming in your classroom?  Having a hard time easily keeping or resetting the score? Score Keeper will not only help you to add up or detract points from 2 teams, but it also allows  you to reset the score with one touch.  When a team gains or loses a point the app will comment with encouragement or gentle teasing. (Yes, you have the option to silence the app if you’d like!).  Simple to use and ready to go, Score Keeper will help you keep track of those points!  Game on!

Score Keeper Screenshot