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Biteable – a fun way to create an informational video

These days infographics are all the rage but, while they can deliver a lot of information on one page, they can be a bit boring and sometimes I really need someone to explain the graphic.  Biteable now offers a way to have the easy to read and understand statistics and information found in an infographic but with the ability to add the audio explanation.



  • biteable video made easyYou start with a template that best describes your presentation.  A few examples are:
  • Add your stats, graphics, and pick your animations.
  • Add your music or voiceover file.
  • Share your final product.

Biteable is free but you have to put up with a logo in the lower right corner of your finished product.  If you love it and want to purchase a subscription it’s $99/year.  For class projects, however I think the free version is more than enough.

Biteable how to make a videoThe subscription offers you:

  • 85,000 Stock Footage Clips
  • No Biteable Logo/Watermark
  • Download To Your Computer
  • Upload Your Own Footage
  • Privacy Controls

So the next time you give a presentation, infographic, or elevator pitch to your students, consider suggesting they use Biteable to deliver their information.