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Dear TLT: How do I convert a file into something I can open in Word?


I have a student that submitted a paper created in Apple’s Pages and I can’t read it using Word.  What can I do?


Professor H. Higgins



Dear Professor Higgins,

Check out  This website allows you to upload files and it will convert them into a format that you can view.  It’s all done online and is free so no software is needed on your computer.

  • Just go to
  • choose the proper converter (Audio, Video, Image, Document, Ebook, or Archive)
  • then choose the format you want to convert TO, example “Convert to DOC,”
  • then click GO.

Scroll down and click Choose File to upload our file then click Convert File.  It’s just that easy.

This is also a great site to allow you to convert all those old research files and papers into a format that you can view.  I’ve used it for converting Pages to Word and old AppleWorks to Word.

FERPA REMINDER:  since this is a third-party site do not upload any files with secure information such as passwords, social security numbers, or grades. Make sure to always read the Privacy Policy.



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