Innovative Instruction

TECH TOOL: Augmenting and Customizing Your Textbooks!

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Customizing your Textbooks with AR!

Textbooks are awesome.  Almost everyone uses them.  But sometimes they don’t cover the material in the same way you are or they aren’t as clear, customized or interactive as we wish they were.  However, adding augmented reality, or AR, can take these static textbooks and give them all the customization and interactivity that you and your students need.


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With the free BlippBuilder online, faculty, teachers, and students can create their own augmented reality experiences. It’s as easy as:
  1. Take a picture of a textbook page or other item.
  2. Use BlippBuilder to add interactive elements such as images, video or text.
  3. Publish it.
Any user with the Blippar app can then scan the item and access all of the interactive links.

Here are some examples:

  • Add a video lecture to a section of the textbook where students have difficulty understanding a concept.
  • Update an outdated section of a textbook with a more current or relevant example.
  • Create solution videos for difficult problems from the textbook that outlines how to solve the problems correctly.
  • Add explanation videos or audio files to poster sessions.
  • Create read-alongs for children’s books for your young students.
  • Add supplemental material to anything to further explain or enhance it.
Really you are only constrained by your own imagination.  

Check out this page on Blippar in the Classroom

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How to CREATE it

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How to VIEW it

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TLT Pumpkin 3D Model

Adding 3D models into OAKS with SketchFab!


SketchFab is the world’s largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D content. More than a million creators have created 3D models across a broad range of topics and categories, including Art & Abstract, Science & Technology and Cultural Heritage & History. You can view and upload models on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices. It even supports Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality!

The TLT Pumpkin was created by Instructional Technologist Jack Wolfe. Click the Play Button to view the model in 3D! Left Click & Drag to orbit around the model and use the Mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in/out.


Want to share an existing 3D model with your course? Sketchfab supports embedding into OAKS!

  1. Navigate to a model’s page.
  2. Click on </> Embed.
  3. Copy the Embed Code.
    1. Select Show Options to customize the viewer size and other options before copying.
  4.  Paste the Embed Code into your OAKS course (such as a piece of Content) just as you would a YouTube or Kaltura video.