One-on-One Consultations

The Instructional Technologists of TLT endeavor to meet the unique needs of each faculty member to achieve his/her pedagogical objectives: innovation, life-long learning, pedagogy, collaboration and assessment. To facilitate these goals we offer a wide range of services to faculty at the College of Charleston including:


Located on the 3rd floor of the J.C. Long Building, TLT offers drop-in assistance for faculty who need a little extra help integrating technology into their teaching. Through the use of the Faculty Technology Center, faculty can have access to technologies that they may not have in their offices such as slide and document feed scanners as well as video equipment. Feel free to come by and see us any time.


We provide hands-on, one-on-one consultations for faculty either in their office, the Faculty Technology Center, or their classrooms.


Faculty members often hear about a Web 2.0 solution for instruction or research, but they are unsure what it is, how it works or how they can use it effectively in their teaching. TLT is available to meet with faculty to determine which new technology may best solve their teaching challenges. TLT can also help by creating student tutorials to help facilitate the use of the technology.


Instructional technology can be used to maximize the effectiveness of teaching, research, assessment, and curricular outcomes. TLT is available to advise faculty on the use of technology to support research goals and to collaborate with faculty on research publications.