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Engaging the #TechGeneration

There are many varied opinions (and some myths) about the characteristics and capabilities of current students. In fact, there is no single accepted label for Americans born after 1990: Net Generation, Digital Natives, and the Tech Generation are all referring to the same demographic.

However, here are three commonly held beliefs about this generation of students:

  • They constitute a largely homogeneous generation, and speak a different digital language from their parents.
  • They learn differently from preceding generations of students.
  • They demand a new way of teaching and learning involving technology.

(Thomas, Michael. Deconstructing Digital Natives. New York: Routeledge, 2011)

In addition, the common wisdom describes this generation (though somewhat contradictory) as technically savvy, participatory, isolated, free-spirited, socially aware and engaged, lacking fundamental skills, distracted, and action oriented.

To address this fundamental shift in instructional design, TLT will offer a week-long Maymester session, know as the Faculty Technology Institute (FTI).

The purpose of this professional development seminar is to:

  • Identify the challenges and benefits of engaging the current student population.
  • Examine “alternative” instructional strategies and technologies for engaging and assessing students.
  • Analyze their own instructional practices to:
    • Identify areas of potential improvement
    • Incorporate appropriate technology tools into their instruction
    • Provide ample opportunity for reflection, creativity, and engagement with the provided content.

We are excited to offer this to the CofC Faculty.  For more information about the expectations and application, please visit the Faculty Technology Institute page.