PLC Applications are now open
Collaboration, Pedagogy

Professional Learning Club Applications are OPEN!

The Professional Learning Club (PLC) applications are now open and will close on July 15th so APPLY TODAY!

A Professional Learning Club is a group of faculty that meets to collaboratively reflect on and improve their teaching practices. These learning clubs will consist of 4-6 faculty who will take the year to explore, implement, and reflect on specific, empirically-grounded instructional strategies.

The next round of PLCs take place during the 2019-2020 academic yearThe clubs will meet for the first time in late August and then every two weeks after that, throughout the entire academic year.  Applications close July 15 so don’t delay!

  • Combining Science, Technology, English, Art and Math
  • Flip the classroom with highly effective problem based learning
  • Process Oriented Guided Inquiry (POGIL)
  • Service Learning
  • Practicing the Science of Successful Learning
  • Focus on Assessment
  • Best Practices Through Teaching Observation

For a full description of the topics visit PLC Topic Descriptions (2019-2020)