Chrome Extensions Part 2 – Tools for Productivity

I am always looking for ways to be more productive and that search has led me to Chrome Extensions.  These are applications that run inside your Chrome browser and enhance the functionality of that browser.  Back in July 2015,  I shared a list of Chrome Extensions that I use and now I would like to add to that list!

  1. Save to Google Drive   The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension helps you save web content or browser screenshots to your Google Drive.
  2. You can shorten a URL with just one click from your Chrome browser with URL Shortener    
  3. Read Google Docs and web pages aloud with Read&Write for Google Chrome.  A great tool for multitasking and double checking your grammar. It’s like having a digital proof-reader (or story reader) built right into your Chrome browser.
  4. Awesome Screenshot  for capturing screenshots.  This easy-to-use extension provides great annotation features including text, lines, shapes, highlights, and more.  The clean interface makes creating tutorials and visual aids a breeze with a myriad of screen capturing options including defined selections, delayed capture, and desktop capture.  Save your screenshots directly to Drive, download, or add to your free Awesome Screenshot project library.M
  5. Manage all of your Chrome extensions  with Extensity.  You can quickly access your Chrome extension settings, organize your extensions by category, and disable or enable extensions with one click

Visit Chrome Web Store Help for instructions on how to install and manage extensions.