College of Charleston OAKS

New Course Display Feature in OAKS

A new feature is available in the OAKS My Courses widget that will make it easier to access your courses. You can now display courses by specific semesters, such as Spring 2015, and by your role (Instructor, Content Assistant, Student, etc). As a result, you’ll be able to find your current courses more quickly and easily. Please see screenshots below for examples of the new feature (note:  this feature will display differently depending on the number of semesters you have taught, thus there are two sets of screenshots below).  If you have any questions, please contact

Screenshots for users with less than 10 terms (uses a drop-down feature).

  1. From the semester drop-down menu select a term.



  1. Only courses from selected semester will be displayed.


Screenshots for users with more than 10 terms (uses a button feature).

  1. Click the Select Semester button to select a term.


     2. From the pop-up window select desired term.


  1. Only courses from selected semester will be displayed.