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Archaeology, Humanities, and Data Science

I’m going to get on a soapbox, here.  I hope that this elicits some debate/discussion/verbal thinking aloud by others. I was recently forwarded a posting from LinkedIn,[1] which, like many, discusses the coming wave of needs for data scientists.  The amount of … Continue reading

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“Day of Archaeology”

A few years ago, some individuals in the United Kingdom got together and thought it would be interesting if professional archaeologists, on a single day, would write about what their job entailed.  The ‘Day of Archaeology’ began in 2011 and … Continue reading

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Avkat Informatics continues facelift

The Avkat Informatics development blog has been relatively active. I link to the recent entry and show the image, as a means to show progress (a more detailed image can be found on their entry).  More frequent updates can be accessed … Continue reading

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This blog is being started for several reasons. to inform the general archaeoinformatic community about initiatives and research being undertaken at the College of Charleston to encourage discussion, comment, and potential collaboration with others in the archaeoinformatic community about our … Continue reading

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