“Day of Archaeology”

A few years ago, some individuals in the United Kingdom got together and thought it would be interesting if professional archaeologists, on a single day, would write about what their job entailed.  The ‘Day of Archaeology’ began in 2011 and appears to be increasing in interest.  This year, given that I’ve been rather sparse in my blog posts, I contributed.


What I find interesting is the distribution of entries according to topic.  A tremendous amount of the topics address ‘community archaeology.’  Given that the idea is garnered around an element of outreach, okay, this makes sense.  I do hope, however, that other archaeologists in academic capacities chirp up and contribute.

Before I’m accused of being the pot that is name-calling a certain black kettle, things have been busy.  As Director of the Archaeology Program at the College of Charleston, I have been overseeing the development of electronic and social media venues and a whole slathering of other administrative tasks in order to help roll out the newest major for the College of Charleston – Archaeology.  Like us on Facebook, visit the website, tell the world.  Charleston is one of the most unique places on the planet (certainly in North America) for the study of archaeology, and I am excited to help bring this program to the forefront of people’s attention.

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