Graduate Symposium in GIS Applications in Archaeology

Middle East Technical University

Graduate Program in Settlement Archaeology Graduate Symposium Series 5

29-30 April 2013, METU Ankara


GIS Applications in Archaeology

Understanding  the distribution of material culture in time and space forms the basis of archaeological studies. While the typological analysis of material culture enables archaeologists to analyse societal changes within a chronological order, the study of artefacts in relation to space reveals the sorts of relationships between human beings and the natural environment as well as constructed space. These relationships can be analysed in a variety of scales ranging from singular to plural units, from domestic to urban space and within local or regional settlement contexts. In the past decade, the collection, storage, analyses and interpretation of archaeological data through the use of GIS applications have become an important tool. Today, while GIS has become the most commonly used tool for spatial documentation, its potential for cultural heritage management and conservation, the discovery of new archaeological sites, statistical analyses of archaeological data and space and modelling is very well recognized.

The Graduate Symposium series organized by the Graduate Program in Settlement Archaeology at the Middle East Technical University this year  invites papers on GIS Applications in Archaeology for its meeting on 28-29 April 2013. The symposium is open to any field of study pertaining to the topic. The applicants are expected to send an abstract of maximum 250 words to until 1 March 2013. The applicants will be notified of the process by 5 March 2013.

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