Online Resource for Augustan Roman Monuments

David Romano at the Archaeological Mapping Lab and a team of scholars has been putting together an online geographically organized resource entitled ‘Digital Augustan Rome.’

From the website: ‘Digital Augustan Rome is a long term mapping project that is prepared to provide a worthy digital successor to the published book and maps ofMapping Augustan Rome that appeared as Supplement 50 in the Journal of Roman Archaeology Series, 2002… Whereas Mapping Augustan Rome has appeared in its 2002 published form and a reprinted edition with corrections in 2009, Digital Augustan Rome is envisaged as a living resource for the study of Augustan Rome, one that will be able to be updated and modified as modern research brings new information about the Augustan city to light. In this way it will serve as a ongoing project with the goal to incorporate new information into the digital map.’

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