Organic Pest Control Workshop

Thank you to Elizabeth Beak for conducting a organic pest control workshop at the political science urban garden. The workshop was attended by a variety of faculty, students, faculty, and community members. It was a great example of how the garden is both an educational tool and a way to bring people together.

Here are some responses from some participants of the Organic natural pest control workshop:

“We had quite the time in the garden yesterday! I would like to extend my gratitude to the passion of Elizabeth Beak and Lexa Keane who made an informative day like yesterday possible! It was an informative experience and really great to learn that there are such easy and effective natural alternatives to keep pests out of the garden. As we learn more about how to maintain and preserve the garden, I feel more and more a part of it and responsible for its’ longevity. Yesterday helped to unite different offices on campus and really made me feel like a part of something much greater than myself. Everyone at the garden yesterday was involved and truly interested in the process of making our community a place that will be around for a long time. It was so nice to hear the knowledge and experiences of other gardeners and workers present as everyone’s tricks and tips contribute to our group knowledge! What a joy to watch our campus grow together.”   – Keri Lee Hlavin

“Everything I heard yesterday was very useful to me especially the Healthy Ecology, companion planting, and the Natural Pest Control.  The latter was why I came to the workshop because some bug has already shredded all my collard greens that were growing very well.  I also already have some of those companion plants in my garden but separately on different beds.  So with this useful workshop, I hope to do better with my Fall garden.  Lastly, I have the information now for future reference.  Thanks for organizing it because it was very informative and worth my time.” – Laetitia Sobiesuo

Check out these pictures from the workshop and this hand out on Natural Pest Control recipes to use on your own garden!

searching for pests

Elizabeth Beak

making worm tea







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