Apiculture at Dixie Plantation

The student-run sustainable garden at Dixie Plantation had a workshop on Saturday (3/30) introducing participants to hobbyist beekeeping and principles of organic gardening. The workshop crew was able to meet with Maike of the Charleston Area Beekeepers Association (CABA) to learn the importance of bees and the basic principles behind apiculture. Participants also helped with ongoing projects in the garden including: planting flowers, planting vegetables, and fortifying against the always hungry rabbits and deer! We ended the day with a relaxing nature hike.

The workshop was made possible in part by the Sustainability grant from the ECOllective fund and volunteer efforts. Thank you to all who participated and keep a lookout for more work days to come!

The garden will be hosting a booth this Sunday (4/7) at the Charleston Honey and Bee Expo, at Cinebarre in Mt. Pleasant.   DSCN0598


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