SSM Supports Minority Participation in STEM Fields

Twelve students presented at the SCAMP Undergraduate Research Banquet which took place on Wednesday, October 7, 2015.


The South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation is partially funded by the National Science Foundation, the School of Science and Mathematics and the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services.  SCAMP gives incoming minority students an opportunity to start their college program in the summer, participate in undergraduate research during their sophomore and junior years, and attend conferences and career orientations in their first year at the College of Charleston.

Students¬† presented on an array of research in areas such as neuroscience, computer science, biology, and chemistry. The evening’s complete program is listed below.

Presenter: Bravada Hill
Understanding Functional differences of the Brain in High and Low Risk Social Drinkers Using FMRI and MID Task
Mentor: Dr. Jane Joseph, Medical University of South Carolina

Presenter: Needhee Patel
Central Nervous System Neuroanatomy of the Snapping Shrimp, Alpheus angulosus: Towards a Model of Adult Neurogenesis
Mentor: Dr. Chris Korey, College of Charleston

Presenter: Omorose Aighewi
The Cell Cycle and Survival Status of Erythroid Precursors in the Nan Mouse Model
Mentors: Dr. Luanne Peters, Dr. Daniza Nebor, The Jackson Laboratory

Presenter: Jessica Mack
Web Development/Design for CIRDLES Lab
Mentor: Dr. Jim Bowring, College of Charleston

Presenter: Neha Muppala
Photodegradation of Bupropion
Mentor: Dr. Wendy Cory, College of Charleston

Presenter: Kola George
Have Short Stamens Lost Their Function in Selfing Plant?
Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Connor, Michigan State University

Presenter: Sandy Pang
Sex Related Differences in the Effects of Estrogen on Axon Regeneration Following Peripheral Nerve Injury
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm, College of Charleston

Presenter: Aliya Dumas
Synthesis and Direct Conjugation of Thiolated Ligands and Gold Nanorods for Targeted Photothermal Therapy
Mentors: Dr. Sivaramapanicker Sreejith, Dr. Yanli Zhao, Nanyang Techological University; Dr. Frank Alexis, Clemson University

Presenter: Joyce Biaco
Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Minisci Reactions
Mentor: Dr. Timothy Barker, College of Charleston

Presenter: Sierra Small
The Impact of Demographic Variables on the Acquisition of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Mentor: Dr. Michael Hemphill, College of Charleston

Presenter: Victoria Edmund
Combined Effects of Ibuprofen and its Degrand on Southern Toad Tadpoles
Mentor: Dr. Allison Welch, College of Charleston

Presenter: James Solomon
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Mentor: Dr. Wendy Cory, College of Charleston

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