Rehearsal Process

banner 4 girls





Music Rehearsals





Meet the Cast





todd and the boys

Director Todd McNerney working with the boys



Stage Managers

Stage Manager, Shelby North (middle) and two of her Assistant Stage Managers (Lindsey Marie, not pictured)


















Theatre in the Round
A Different Prospective from the Theater in the Round


                        The Cast:

Melchoir Christian Persico
Wendla Claire Sparks
Moritz Austin Cantrell
Ilse Celeste Riddle
Hanschen Steven Moskos
Martha Ashley Gennarelli
Ernst Anthony Massarotto
Anna Stephanie Schecter
Otto Mark Baldino
Thea Sarah Sutton
Georg Jude Nalls
Katrin Jill Stone
Marcus Nick Heitmann
Martina Tyler Brockington
Paul Peter Spearman
Adult Woman Anna Stephenson
Adult Man Clyde Moser

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