Hispanic Studies Student Focus, March 2023: Ms. Regan Honeycutt (’23)

By | March 8, 2023

Hispanic Studies Student Focus, March 2023: Ms. Regan Honeycutt (’23)

Ms. Regan Honeycutt is Hispanic Studies’ Student Focus for March of 2023.

Ever wonder if you could fit in a major in Spanish along with that B.S. in Biology? Well, ecce Regan Honeycutt and wonder no more. A major in Spanish since her first year on campus, Regan has also managed to undertake parallel studies, not just in Biology, but also in Linguistics, in which she will receive a minor.

Within Hispanic Studies, Regan has been a constant contributor through such activities as her tutoring of HISP’s Spanish students in her work with the Center for Student Learning, as well as in the context of the department’s dynamic Spanish Club, for which she serves as president.

When not engaged in her studies of Spanish, Regan keeps herself occupied (and quite occupied at that) with her research into matters biological and linguistical—an example of the former being her studies into “The effects of elevated salinity on mate choice and oviposition site choice in squirrel treefrogs (Hyla squirella).”

In her own words…

“I started learning Spanish in high school and knew I wanted to major in college. I never expected such an amazing experience with the Department. I have learned so much! Not just the language either, but culture, literature, art, representation, politics, and even environmental ecology. The Hispanic Studies Department has always felt like a family to me. I have always been so grateful for my Spanish professors. Every single one has not only remembered me, but they will stop in the halls to ask me how I am. They are always willing to give me advice long after their class has ended. In fact, I have always felt torn between my two majors: Biology and Spanish. I couldn’t really find an intersection between the two. However, this year my professors Dr. Ricard Viñas de Puig, Dr. Colleen Moorman, and Dr. Ezequiel Durand-Lopez have helped me finally find my place in academia. The knowledge, connections, and advice I gained during my time here will follow me throughout my life.”

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