HISP Faculty Focus, December 2021: Prof. Tina Maric

By | December 5, 2021

HISP Faculty Focus, December 2021: Prof. Tina Maric

Hispanic Studies is pleased to be able to feature Prof. Tina Maric as its Faculty Focus for December 2021.

Prof. Maric joined the Department of Hispanic Studies in the fall of 2020, where she has since ably served in the capacity of Adjunct Lecturer of Spanish. Prior to her arrival at CofC, Ms. Maric distinguished herself by completing a Master of Arts in Hispanic Literatures and Cultural Studies at Indiana University (2020) and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Cultural and Literary Studies at Ball State University (2018).

Of course, like all of Hispanic Studies’ talented faculty, Prof. Maric is a well-rounded and accomplished individual, speaking no less than four (4!) languages (English and Serbo-Croatian, natively; Spanish and Portuguese, proficiently), having had experience as a radio personality (on her show The International Power Hour, broadcast between 2015 and 2018, in Muncie, Indiana) and written articles for the travel magazine Where Madrid.

In her own words…

Teaching in the Department of Hispanic Studies is so rewarding. I couldn’t ask to have students who are more hardworking, motivated, and engaged than those who I’ve had in my classes. I’m very fortunate to have the chance to be a part of the Spanish-language development of such students, who inspire me to make sure that their time in my classroom is meaningful and fulfilling.”

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