Hispanic Studies Student Focus, October 2021: Ms. Mollie Zuyus

By | October 4, 2021

Hispanic Studies’ Student Focus for October 2021 is Ms. Mollie Zuyus (’22).

On her impressive curriculum vitae, Mollie describes herself as “a driven student”—an apt description to be sure, judging from her demanding course of study, which is split between a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.A. in Spanish (to say nothing of her being named to the College’s prestigious Dean’s List on multiple occasions).

Within the context of Hispanic Studies, Ms. Zuyus has distinguished herself by having been granted admission to the department’s chapter of the National Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi. She has also shared her expertise through her valuable contributions as a Spanish Tutor with the Center for Student Learning.

Beyond this, Mollie has served as both Treasurer and President of the College of Charleston Climbing Club, formed and played guitar in a cover band, Recharged, and made a difference through fundraising for such groups as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, through her membership on the Chi Omega Fraternity Philanthropy Committee.

In her own words:

The Hispanic Studies department has sparked my curiosity of the world around me and provided an academic balance I didn’t realize I needed.  This department has taught me the importance of history, culture, and literature while I also work to grow as a student of science.  The excitement and passion for these topics I’ve witnessed from each of my professors in this department is incredibly inspiring and I can say I’ve learned just as much from the actions of my professors as I have their course curriculum. With my time as an undergraduate student coming to an end soon, my professors have been extremely supportive of continuing my Spanish language development by helping me translate resumes and get organized for an international move post-graduation.  I am extremely grateful for the role the Hispanic Studies department has played in my growth as both a student and an individual.”

3 thoughts on “Hispanic Studies Student Focus, October 2021: Ms. Mollie Zuyus

  1. Pat Moore

    We were neighbors and friends when Mollie was growing up. We couldn’t be more proud of her, her family, and the College of Charleston which has nurtured and inspired her.
    In this tired old world, what a pleasure to encounter such
    hope and promise.
    We love you, Molly
    John and Pat Moore

  2. Michelle Dagenhart

    So impressed with your accomplishments to date and look forward to many more. So excited for you to work abroad! Best, Michelle Dagenhart

  3. Gib Hoxie

    Mollie, Elissa and I are not really surprised with your accomplishments, to date. You have always been inquisitive about everything: what, why, when, who, where are what we have learned to expect from you. We look forward to you applying your knowledge in a field that needs fresh ideas tempered by skepticism. Oh, and we love you!
    Gib & Elissa Hoxie


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