HISP Student Focus, January 2021: Ms. Lily Andrews

By | January 3, 2021

HISP’s Student Focus for January 2021 is Ms. Lily Andrews (’23)

Ms. Andrews, a double minor in Spanish and Medical Humanities and a major in Public Health, is yet another wonderful example of the manner in which language and cultural studies can combine with other fields to enrich students personally and professionally.

Within the context of Hispanic Studies, Lily has, since 2020, contributed significantly as both a Substitute Peer Teacher for the Spanish Conversational Class Program and as a Spanish Tutor with the College’s Center for Student Learning.

In addition, she has been active with CofC’s Occupational and Physical Therapy Alliance, serving in various capacities (including that of Vice President, beginning in spring of 2021), as well as with the College’s Aquatic and Motor Therapy Program, FitCatz, where she works as a clinician with special needs children.

As if that weren’t enough, Ms. Andrews has also served as a Peer Advisor with the Office of Academic Advising and Planning and as a tour guide Charleston Forty.

In her own words…

With my future career goal to be a Pediatric Occupational Therapist in mind, I pursued a Spanish minor because I love the language and want to be able to provide care to those who speak it, but I never imagined the greater impact it would have on me. Taking courses such as Spanish Composition and Applied Spanish made me a more effective communicator in both Spanish and English. The skills I learned in those classes, such as how to be concise or how to interpret language in a way that accurately reflects the feeling behind the words spoken, will undoubtedly help me in my future career.

Additionally, I’ve taken courses focused on topics I was already interested in, such as sustainability and textual analysis. These courses have broadened my worldview by allowing me to see the world through perspectives I never would have had access to before. As a result, I have a deeper understanding of the issues that impact all of us, no matter where we live or the language we speak.

Being a member of the Hispanic Studies Department has also afforded me job opportunities that allow me to encourage other students as they learn and develop a passion for Spanish. I currently work as a Spanish tutor in the CSL, and in Fall 2021 I’ll be facilitating an FYE Synthesis Seminar. I hope I can be as helpful and encouraging to new Spanish students as the professors in the department have been to me!


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