Alumni Corner: Christin Stewart, ’11 – Spanish Beyond the Classroom

By | February 24, 2020

Dear HISP Students, Faculty & Friends,

I thought that I would pass along a link to Hispanic Studies’ Alumni Corner:

As you will see from looking through the included biographies, Hispanic Studies’ graduates have become involved in many fascinating fields—from public health, to education, to medicine and business, etc.—since finishing their respective degrees.

In addition, you will note that their Spanish/Portuguese studies –and related CofC-directed experiences abroad in Trujillo (Spain), Santiago (Chile), etc.– were only the beginning of their exposure to other peoples and places.

For those proceeding through major, minor and/or Gen. Ed. requirements, I hope you will keep such cases in mind and let them inspire you as you look to your own possible futures.

For those who have so generously supported Hispanic Studies over the years, I hope you will look with pride on the effects of your contributions.

Un saludo cordial a todos/as,


Dr. Michael A. Gómez

Chair & Professor of Spanish

Affiliated Faculty in Philosophy

Department of Hispanic Studies

College of Charleston

Charleston, SC 29424

Office: J.C. Long, Rm. 123

Phone: (843) 953-7125

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