HISP Student Focus for February 2020: Mr. Aman Paintlia

By | February 2, 2020

Mr. Aman Paintlia (’20) is Hispanic Studies’ Student Focus for February 2020. 

A double major in Biology and Spanish–with a minor in Linguistics to boot–Aman is the embodiment of a well-rounded, liberal arts education.

Within the context of his studies of language, Mr. Paintlia has distinguished himself both through his being accepted into the ranks of Sigma Delta Pi–the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society–as well as by way of his activities as a teacher’s assistant and tutor with St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church’s ESL program.

Besides this, Aman has been an active research assistant in studies focusing on nephrological syndrome, breast cancer and alveolar research; served as secretary and treasurer of CofC’s Political Science Club; and presided over the institution’s Academic Team.

While the above summary surely represents an incomplete picture of Mr. Aman Paintlia’s many accomplishments since arriving at the College of Charleston, it is more than sufficient to show exactly why it is that the Department of Hispanic Studies is proud to count him amongst its students.

In his own words: 

I started my freshman year in the College of Charleston Honors College with the hope that my Spanish major would allow me to improve my reading and speaking skills, but I did not expect to find myself so thoroughly immersed in reading works of fiction, and learning about the history and linguistic diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

Even though I was unable to take advantage of the numerous study abroad opportunities offered by the Hispanic Studies program due to my busy course-load as a dual major and a pre-medical student, I was able to utilize my Spanish language abilities to help native Spanish speakers learn English as an ESL tutor and an undergraduate volunteer at the MUSC hospital, and MUSC CARES Free Medical clinic while providing medical care to underserved communities in the Charleston area.

Overall, the Hispanic Studies program at the College of Charleston has been invaluable in allowing me to pursue my goals of improved Spanish proficiency and Hispanic cultural competence. I hope to bring my newfound knowledge and experiences with me to medical school and become an exceptional physician who provides quality medical treatment to low-income and marginalized communities across the United States and the world.

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