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What We’re Saying About the South

Southern Studies faculty like to share what they’re studying—and not just in classrooms, scholarly publications, or conversations with one another. This series presents interviews, news features, op-eds, lectures, etc. by members of C of C’s Program in Southern Studies who are helping the public learn more about the region.

We’ll keep a list of links here so you can listen in on what we’ve been saying about the South lately.

Part 1. Sites of Memory & What We Remember There. Adam Domby & Bernard Powers discuss Confederate monuments and what we should remember, and C of C faculty hear Lonnie Bunch at Emanuel AME talking about public history.

Part 2. Religion, Ideology, and Politics. Gibbs Knotts, Shari Rabin, Mike Lee, Matthew Cressler and Joe Kelly give interviews and publish op-eds.

Part 3. Southern Literature. Scott Peeples discusses Edgar Allan Poe in the Lowcountry and Julia Eichelberger talks about banning and teaching Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

Part 4. Lesser-known Southern histories. Tammy Ingram and Dale Rosengarten tell folks about organized crime in Phenix City, AL and a couple of Civil War-era silver dishes.

Part 5. Studying the City. Faculty share lessons we can learn by studying Charleston: Grant Gilmore on studying design in Charleston, Ralph Muldrow on the Porgy houses,  Karen Chandler on jazz, and the Race and Social Justice Initiative on persistent and significant racial disparities in our area.

Part 6. Lessons from and for a changing South. An update on wording for a new marker for the Calhoun monument, plus a prescient interview from 2016 with Harlan Greene.



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