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SOST 200

Honors Intro to Southern Studies was taught in S 2020 by Dr. Eichelberger and in F 2020 by Dr. Scott Peeples (English).

Introduction to Southern Studies (SOST 200) will be taught in F 2019 by Dr. Eichelberger and in Spring 2020 it will be taught by History professor Hayden Smith.

This interdisciplinary course was taught in Fall 2018 by Dr. Julia Eichelberger (English) and taught in Spring 2019 by Dr. Tammy Ingram (History).

Open to all students who’ve completed English 110 or the equivalent. In addition to being a required course for the Southern Studies minor, the course also counts towards the Gen Ed Humanities requirement.

Be prepared for experiential learning, readings and mini-lectures on Southern history and culture, lots of critical analysis (in writing, discussion, & multimedia), and in-depth independent research on a project of your choice.

Highlights of the Fall 2018 class included multiple trips to C of C’s Special Collections, a curator-led tour of the photography exhibit Southbound, a lesson in singing spirituals from Ann Caldwell, and a biscuit-making lesson by Southern cookbook author and chef Nathalie Dupree.

Southbound photography in the Halsey Gallery



Ann Caldwell teaching polyrhythms

Students practice a ring shout

Biscuits with Nathalie Dupree

Students also enjoyed presentations from guest faculty Karen Gilmore, who discussed the Anson Street burial project, Jean Everett, who shared a lecture on the longleaf pine forest’s ecosystem, Joe Kelly who discussed his book Marooned, and Dale Rosengarten who discussed some of her research on sweetgrass basketry and on Jewish history in South Carolina. The semester ended with each student giving short presentations on their research on a wide range of topics (debutantes, Boone Hall plantation, the movie Song of the South, the Coastal Conservation League, etc).

Students receiving a guided tour of the Southbound exhibit in Spring 2019

In Spring 2019, Dr. Ingram’s class also enjoyed special field trips and guest appearances in addition to discussing the history of the region and assigned readings showcasing a cross-section of cultural traditions from the South.

Cristina Rae Butler discusses ironworking at the American College of Building Arts

Students experienced a private tour of the Southbound exhibit, a walking tour of the history of LGBTQ Charleston led by Harlan Greene, and a visit to The American College of Building Arts where students are learning historic building and preservation techniques in brickwork, iron, woodworking, and more. Dr. Ingram’s students conducted individual research projects of their own; topics included the meaning of Southern natural landscapes,  residential segregation in Charleston, and the history of the mint julep.

Harlan Greene discusses LGBTQ history in Charleston

Harlan Greene takes students inside St. Michael’s church





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