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Independent Research

Work with our outstanding faculty on a specialized research topic! To explore your options, contact the Program Director, Julia Eichelberger, at eichelbergerj@cofc.edu.

SOST 404 Independent Study

1-3 credit hours. Registration requires permission of instructor and program director. Each syllabus will indicate specific requirements and grading weight. Below are typical expectations per credit hour.
Credit Hours Meetings Readings (100+ pp book or 4 articles) Short assignments Paper
1 3 3 8 pp 8 pp
2 6 6 16 pp 14-16 pp
3 9 9 24 pp 20 pp


SOST 399—Open Topic

1-3 credit hours. Normally offered only when a regular course that counts for the Southern Studies minor cannot be offered, with permission of instructor and program director. Requirements will be equivalent those in the regular course, with weekly individual meetings substitution for class meetings.
Suggested minimum per credit hour: 4 weekly meetings, 150 pp reading, and 10 pp of written work.


SOST 399: Exploring the U. S. South in Coursework and Community Conversations

1-3 credit hours. Offered with permission of instructor and program director.
Course Assignments:

·      Examine syllabi from courses currently being offered, or scheduled for the following semester, that count for the minor

·      Interview faculty and students taking these classes to discover what they’re studying and why it matters to the present-day South

·      Review College Calendar and local events calendars to identify public events add to our understanding of the South or foster a sense of belonging and stewardship. Volunteer at one event.

·      Read published material that is relevant to issues explored in some of these courses

·      Write an essay summarizing your research

·      Convert essay to blog post

·      Present findings to students during class visits, pre-registration or Major/Minor fair

·      Assignments vary by credit hour; expectations listed below.

Credit hours Tutorial meetings Syllabi review Interviews Event research Event volunteer Essay w sources Blog post, presentations
1 3 6 3 8 4 hrs 5 pp, 2 Post + 2
2 5 9 4 10 6-8 hrs 8 pp, 4 Post(s) + 3-4
3 7 12 5 12 9-12 hrs 12 pp, 4-5 Post(s)+ 4
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