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Memory, Division, and Healing, within and beyond the South

Posted by: Julia Eichelberger | February 22, 2018 | No Comment |

This semester, numerous lectures and public conversations on campus are focusing on ways that human beings throughout the world remember and memorialize experiences of trauma, oppression, or war.

Simon Lewis, who first took notice of a common theme in events sponsored by many separate programs, has been publicizing all the events together under the collective title “When The War Is Over: Memory, Division, and Healing.”

We’ve already learned much from a presentation on how architecture can influence the way we remember and mourn a tragedy, and from two inspiring discussions of how writers and activists try to make their communities more just and inclusive. Upcoming presentations will explore the unfinished work of unburying stories of the past, repairing and restoring communities, and cultivating peace. Here are some events during the next two weeks:

Fri Feb 23: If you missed the January presentation by the authors of We Are Charleston (a history of the Emanuel AME congregation), all three authors will be speaking again on Friday Feb 23, 630 pm, Stern Center Ballroom.

Tues Feb 27: Julia Eichelberger, “Reconstruction’s Traces and Erasures in Gullah Narratives of Charleston,” 12-1:30 pm Addlestone 227

Wed Feb 28: Visiting scholar Devyn Spence Benson speaks on “Anti-racism in Cuba: The Unfinished Revolution,” 5 pm,  Addlestone 227

Mon Mar 5 Rhonda Swickert, “Cultivating Peace Within the Self” 4-5 pm, Stern Center Ballroom

Tues Mar 6 Lisa Covert and David Slucki, “Truth and Reconciliation,” 4-6 pm, Stern Center Ballroom

Tues Mar 6: Visiting scholar Deirdre Cooper Owens “Medical Bondage: How Slavery Advanced American Gynecology.” Addlestone 227, 6pm.

The intersections among these presentations are intriguing and powerful; we’re looking forward to continuing discussions in face-to-face conversations and on this blog.

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