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Studying the City

Posted by: Julia Eichelberger | December 13, 2017 | No Comment |

Grant Gilmore

Notecards based on Ralph Muldrow’s watercolors.

Part 5 of “What We’re Saying About the South.” Grant Gilmore (Historic Preservation) is eagerly promoting the College’s new program in Community Planning, Policy, and Design.

Ralph Muldrow

Ralph Muldrow (Art and Architectural History) has created watercolors of the Porgy Houses that were decorated in honor of the 2016 Spoleto production of Porgy and Bess.

Karen Chandler

Arts Management professor and program director Karen Chandler talked to Art Mag about her research on Charleston’s jazz heritage.

A study sponsored by the Race and Social Justice Initiative, released this fall, documents in sobering detail the racial disparities that currently exist in the Charleston area. Patricia Williams Lessane (Director of the Avery Research Center) and John White (Dean of Libraries), coprincipals of RSJI, commissioned the study.

John White

Patricia Williams Lessane



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