College of Charleston SCHOOL OF THE ARTS

Piccolo Spoleto Stelle di Domani Theatre Series

Spoleto Festival USA and Piccolo Spoleto Festival present a 17-day feast of the arts featuring some of the most talented artists from the School of the Arts, from the local area and from around the world. The cultural adventure begins on Friday, May 25 and continues through Sunday, June 10.

Stelle di Domani series features students, faculty and alumni from our award-winning Department of Theatre and DanceYou’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll feel the power of dance and the theatre in five professionally produced events.

CHORE MONKEYS –Recently having its world premiere as part of the College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance season, Chore Monkeys, “takes a look at subtle racism facing young men trying to work and the challenges of maintaining interracial friendships in a world of white privilege and racial discrimination (Gabridge).” Just as you think you have it figured out, Gabridge offers you another moment to drop your jaw – either in laughter or pure shock – and hopefully for long moments after you leave the theatre, some echoing moments of truth and complacency… if not complicity… that might change the way you view those with whom you interact.. [more info and tickets]

ENTER THE UNDERWORLD – Enter the Underworld is an autobiographical solo show about a young woman who, having lost her mother to cancer at age fourteen, now works as a drama therapist in inpatient pediatrics with acutely ill children. As she attempts to guide her patients and their families through the unpredictability of sickness and the profound experience of grief, she must also come face to face with her own demons. What will it take to transform trauma into empowerment? Into healing? Enter The Underworld is a true story of self-discovery created from actual patient care experiences exploring the depths of what it means, from both a personal and clinical perspective, to unearth the soul. It is an attempt to fill a hole in the heart. It is a mother’s love. It is a daughter’s love. It is slowly healing. It’s learning how to not be afraid of the dark. [more info and tickets]

ONE WHO SEES – The College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance proudly supports our fifth annual collaboration with Annex Dance Company. This concert, the culmination of a residency with Annex, presents students and professionals performing an evening-length work based on people watching to music selected by the audience via a pre-show poll. [more info]

UNDER THE LIGHTS –This perennial Piccolo favorite highlights original College of Charleston student works. A series of 10-minute plays, Under the Lights features winners of the Franklin B. Ashley Playwriting and the Todd McNerney Student Playwriting Awards. Spend an evening celebrating the voices and ideas of the next generation of writers. [more info and tickets]

STAGED READINGS – Free staged reading of the 2018 Todd McNerney National Playwriting contest winner and runner-up. Previous winning plays have come from such notable playwrights as Caridad Svich (lifetime Obie award winner), James Still, William Missouri Downs, and Donnetta Lavinia Grays. FREE admission. [more info]

O.N.E. –The College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance presents this staged reading of a current work in progress by student playwright Nathan Cooper. “Thoughts are composed of fluid, evolving connections between differing parts and sections of the brain. What happens when these connections and pathways are disrupted? |O.N.E.| is a physical and metaphorical representation of a person’s being, one person split into three parts of consciousness, represented by three characters in a state of limbo, the result of repeated brain trauma.” FREE admission. [more info]