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Theatre’s ‘Almost, Maine’ Helps Us Find Where We Belong

Almost, Maine

Thursday, Oct. 6 – Tuesday, Oct. 11 — Tickets on sale now – click here for more info!

Under the direction of Theatre Professor Evan Parry, 13 of the theatre department’s student actors propel the hilarious, heartbreaking, and hopeful stories of falling in and out of love…in long johns. Parry describes the enchanting vignettes:

“‘Almost, Maine’ visits Aroostook County, the northernmost county in the state, on an evening in the middle of winter. We meet 19 residents of this remote land of sky, snow and the Northern Lights, a land where a Friday night consists of a moonlit skate or snowmobile ride, followed by an inevitable few beers at the local watering hole, The Moose Paddy. Folks who live here were either born here or arrive looking for directions, and not always the kind you get from a road map. All of them are looking for the reasons why they’re here; they’re also looking for love. In Almost, Maine some of them find it, find each other. Some don’t. But everyone gets an answer of some kind.”

“Almost, Maine” was playwright John Cariani’s first play, which premiered at Portland (Maine) Stage Company in 2004. Also an actor, Cariani was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in a Broadway revival of “Fiddler on the Roof.” He is familiar to television viewers of “Law & Order” in his role as forensic expert Julian Beck.

The production features a cast of 13 of the theatre department’s student stars: Haley Barfield, David Beckett, Cameron Christensen, Corinne Crawford, Meg Fannin-Buckner, Ryan Gunning, Kaitlin Lieck, Lauren Lonergan, Baker Powell, Celeste Riddle, Patrick Ruff, Kurt Sauer and Robert Townsend.

Scenery is designed by Hannah Strickland. Costumes are designed by Becca Hopkins, and lighting is by Paul Collins.


Charleston City Paper, October 7, 2011