College of Charleston SCHOOL OF THE ARTS

2010-11 School of the Arts Awards

The School of the Arts celebrates the accomplishments of all of its graduates. The School will honor the achievements of a select group of students who have demonstrated excellence in their respective disciplines. The Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 6 will recognize those who have set a standard for their peers as well as those who will follow in their footsteps.

This year, for the first time, the School will also recognize alumni who have made significant professional and personal contributions to their communities since graduating from the College of Charleston.  These alumni are leaders in the arts, business, philanthropy and other areas who honed their skills through the study of the arts at the College and now share their talents and their resources with others.


Alumni Awards
Alumni Award of Achievement
Quentin Baxter ’98
Mel Marvin ’62
Paul Weidner ’55

Alumni Award for Philanthropy
Valerie M. Barnet ’84
Mary Q. Johnson ’94
Sam Stafford, III ’68

Alumni Award for Service
Charles Ailstock ’00
Jackie Ailstock ’94
Seth Gadsden ’03
Hirona Matsuda ’07
Bob Snead’02

Young Alumnus Award
Florencia DiConcilio ’01
Margaret Anne Florence ’01
Donnetta Grays ’99
Amanda Rose ’02

Art History
Departmental Honors
Katelyn Butler
John Cullum
Ashley Moore
Laura Reece
Leah Vogelpohl
Cailyn Williams

Outstanding Student Award
Ashley Moore
Cailyn Williams

Arts Management
Departmental Honors
Shanon Rusk Dooley
Laine Candler Hester
Lily Clare Hunt
Marin Ruth Johnson
Laura Allison Reece
Alexandra Mayhew Tydings

Outstanding Student Award
Jacquelynn Roseanne Dygert
Samantha Rose Fisher
Margaret Ellen Rose Hendricks
Laura Allison Reece
Halle Michelle Rubnitz

Julie Jett Arts Management Citizenship Award
Laura Allison Reece

Historic Preservation and Community Planning
Departmental Honors
Katelyn Butler
John Cullum
Elizabeth Stanton

Outstanding Student Award
Elizabeth Stanton
Caitlin Mason
Morgan Ward
William Cruthers

Departmental Honors
Ka Young Lee
Stephen Cody Nelson
Alex Hennessey

Outstanding Student Award
Alex Hennessey
Johnathan White

Artist Certificate Recipients
Edoardo Carpenedo
Valerie Osborn
Dotan Nitzberg
Courtney Sharp

Mary Stewart Allan Award for Violin
Meghan Henson

Marguerite Elfe Erckman Vocal Award
Johnathan White

Edwin Davis Peacock Award for Excellence in Piano
Chee Hang See
Amy Tan

The Melvin H. & Virginia Peacock Goodwin Award for Instrumental Performance
Fernando Troche

Sue Simons Wallace Award for Excellence in Music
Alex Hennessey

Julian Hayes and Clifford Milton Award for Excellence in Strings
Unusdian Errandonea

Studio Art
Departmental Honors
Samantha Abrams
Catherine Dick
Mindy Edwards
Kathleen MacNeil
Merofia Mastoridis
Hattie Sage
Alice Sheu
Cailyn Williams

Outstanding Student Award
Marshall Thomas
Elizabeth Wolf
Morgan Schemel
Elizabeth Bordley
Hudson Hamrick
Samantha Abrams

Laura M. Bragg Memorial Award
Lauren Moore

The Tyzack Prize
Kathleen MacNeil

The Artists and Craftsman Award
Lauren Rackley

The Charleston Fine Arts Dealer Association Award
Kelley Wills

The Corrie McCallum Award for Printmaking
Jessica Warren

The Redux Printmaking and Photography Award
Allison  Evans (photography)
Matthew Zaccari (printmaking)

Departmental Honors
Telba Cavero-Fabiani
Darielle Deigan
Laine Hester
Crystal MacLean
Sean McCants
Jessica Mitchell

Outstanding Student Award
Darielle Deigan
Sam McCalla
Jennifer McCormick
Jessica Mitchell
Keller Perry
Alexis Usry

Maria Alicia Elfe Award for Theatre
Alex Kosbab

Faculty Award of Merit
Darielle Deigan
Liza Dye
George Metropolis
Jessica Mitchell
Anna Stephenson
Peter DuPuis

Future Professional Award – Performance
Will Haden
Jessica Mitchell

Future Professional Award – Production
Keller Perry

Arthur McDonald Scholarship
Nicholas Piccola

Emmett Robinson Scholarship
George Metropolis

Mary Jollensten Scholarship
Alex Kosbab

Franklin Ashley Playwriting Award
Steven Moskos

Center Stage Award
Hannah Strickland

The Stella Award
Robert Townsend

Valerie Morris Best Acting Award
Jessica Mitchell

Awards Outside the School of the Arts
American Chemical Society Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Undergraduate Summer School Fellowship
Stephen Ferguson

Excellence in Collegiate Education and Leadership (ExCEL) Award
Laura Reece

Univérsité de Versailles/Saint Quentin Research/Teaching Fellowship
Lauren Elizabeth Cannady

*Departmental Honors: The criterion for Departmental Honors is based on a student’s overall grade point average. Students must have an average of 3.7 or higher to receive this award.

*Outstanding Student Award: The criterion for the Outstanding Student Award is based on a student’s artistic/scholarly contribution as determined by the department or program.