College of Charleston SCHOOL OF THE ARTS

Sculpture Professor Jarod Charzewski to Be Featured Artist in Accessibility 2009

Sculpture Professor Jarod Charzewski will be a featured artist in Accessibility 2009: Cross Currents, an exhibition of public installation art in Sumter, SC. The eleventh annual Accessibility exhibition will feature contemporary art that is installed in and around Main Street businesses, alleys, unoccupied buildings, sidewalks and other “public” areas of Sumter’s historic downtown area. This highly regarded contemporary art exhibition is considered by many to be one of the most important art events in South Carolina and aims to cultivate dynamic interest in the Sumter and regional art scenes.

Jarod Charzewski’s art examines landscapes and people, man-made structures among nature, the sometimes static, and often-fluid designs that rise from dual environments. Space motivates his concepts. The visual characteristics of bridges and railroad tracks, tunnels, urban communities at large, cast against the strength of natural landscapes, reflect the relationship between viewer and the work. He enhances this relationship through accessible installations, monuments to nature, to man, and to our cohabitation. The art reveals the mystery of individual perceptions and develops a platform where ideas gain scope. Charzewski is a faculty member of the College of Charleston’s Department of Studio Art.

The exhibition opens Friday, October 16, 2009. For information, please visit: