OneDrive Training for Students

Student Instructional Technology Services is offering students the chance to learn Microsoft OneDrive to enhance your educational experience.

Microsoft OneDrive provides you cloud-based storage for your College files. Using OneDrive instead of your local hard drive, allows you to access your work or projects from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Bring your own device and follow along with us as we explore how OneDrive provides easy and convenient access.

Training Dates:
Monday, August 26th, 2:00-3:00 p.m., Addlestone Library, room 227
Tuesday, August 27th, 2:00-3:00 p.m., Addlestone Library, room 227

Contact to sign up for the student opportunities.

Introduction to OAKS for Students

Taking Online Courses for the first time?
Need OAKS refresher prior to taking an online course?

The Introduction to OAKS for Students course has been created so that users can get a basic understanding of how to navigate OAKS (how to access content, upload assignments, post discussions, etc.).

Users can self-register for the course which allows them to automatically be enrolled into this course only (you will have to go through normal registration process to register for other CofC courses).

Once users have filled out the self-registration form, they will then be added only to the “Introduction to OAKS for Students” course. This is a non-credit course, therefore, this course has been designed for users to learn and understand basic OAKS navigational functions and features.

Click the link below to see how to self-register for the Introduction to OAKS for Students course.
How to Self-Register for the Introduction to OAKS for Students course

Click the link below to see how to access OAKS.
How to login to OAKS


OAKS Login Changes

Starting July 6th, there will be login changes to OAKS in a continuing effort to bring authentication continuity across College systems and to improve our security profile.

How does this affect me?
After the update, you will be required to use your CofC email address (e.g. ) and COUGARS password for login credentials. The login screen will be slightly different (see screenshot below). Please note, if you are logged into any other Office 365 resources within your active browser, you will not be asked to sign in again and will automatically be directed to the OAKS home screen.

New Login Screen:

Self-Service Password Reset
Upon first log in you may be promoted to set up self-service password reset, if you haven’t done so previously.   For more information on self-service password reset, please visit

OAKS Student Quickguide

The OAKS student quick-guide is a printable cheat sheet displaying information about logging into OAKS, how to submit an assignment, how to set up your account to receive notifications, how to start and submit a quiz, how to start and reply to a discussion thread, and how to access your grades.

Click the link below to access the OAKS Student Guide.
OAKS Student Guide

New Student & New Computer Checklist

Preparing a computer for use at the College is fairly straightforward, but take a look at this checklist to make sure you don’t miss a step.

If you’re buying a new computer, consider our recommended laptops. Alternately, you can bring an older computer and use the first semester to assess your computing needs.

College of Charleston students are eligible for a free subscription to Office 365 through Microsoft. Visit our setup instructions for more details.

Students primarily use two wireless networks on campus: MyResnet and eduroam. MyResnet broadcasts in the residence halls, while eduroam broadcasts throughout the rest of the campus.

MyResnet is supported by Apogee. If you have difficulty connecting, you can reach their support line at 855.290.7138.

To connect to eduroam, follow these easy instructions or visit the Access & Instruction desk in the Addlestone Library.

Follow these instructions to set up printing from your computer to our printers. Just remember, you must be connected to eduroam for your computer to talk to our printers. You cannot print from the Guest network or from the network in the residence halls.

Download and install Google’s Backup and Sync application to safely back up your important documents and files securely in the cloud so if something happens to your computer, your data is safe.

The Office of New Student Programs has produced Guidebook, a smartphone app specifically for new students. Visit their app information page for more information on how to download and use the app.

To deter theft and help locate your laptop in the event that it is lost or stolen, register your electronics with Public Safety.