The Student Government Association was founded at the College of Charleston in 1922, after students felt the need for a representative body to the administration of the College. Today, the SGA is organized into three branches, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial.


The Executive Branch consists of two bodies, the Executive Council and Executive Board. The Council consists of our SGA President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Honor Board Chair, as well as other appointed positions. The Executive Board consists of the members of the Council and the Chairs of all Committees within the SGA Senate. The Executive Council and Board meet formally on Tuesdays before Senate.

The Legislative Branch is the Senate. The Senate holds eight voting positions for every class at the College as well as one alternate seats per class to vote if a voting member is not present. The SGA Vice President presides over the Senate and operates under Robert’s Rules of Order. The purpose of the Senate is to propose and debate bills and resolutions pertaining to Student Life at the College. It is the job of the Senate to allocate funds to over 200 student organizations, provide educational events, and be a mediator between the administration and the students of the College. The Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 4:30 in the Stern Center Ballroom, 4th floor Stern Center.

The Judicial Branch of the Student Government Association lies within the Honor Board. The Honor Board consists of students and faculty members who serve as a judicial body to uphold the values and obligations of the College of Charleston Honor Code. After Freshman Convocation on the first day of the academic school year, Freshmen walk through the gates of Porter’s Lodge signifying their entry to the College and sign the Honor Code. The Honor Code is held in multiple books and serves as a ledger of all the students who matriculate at the College.

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