Ross Kressel Resigns as President of the Student Body

Elliott Wright to be named as President of the Student Body

CHARLESTON, South Carolina—November 1, 2011—The College of Charleston Student Government Association’s Executive Council today announced that Ross Kressel has resigned as President of the Student Body and the Board has named Elliott Wright, previously Student Body Vice President, as The College’s new Student Body President.

“Ross has given many years of service to the SGA, the college, and the student body,” said Matthew Vaveris, Senior Senator and Parliamentarian speaking on behalf of the Student Government Association, “His passion for the Student Government Association was evident in his constant presence and hard work on behalf of the students.”

“The Senate has complete confidence that Elliott is the right person to be our next Student Body President,” added Vaveris. “Elliott’s two and half years of service to The College have been marked by strong devotion and hard work for the students.”

Kressel submitted his resignation to the Student Senate today and strongly recommended that the Executive Board implement its succession plan and name Elliott Wright as the next Student Body President, as mandated by the bylaws.

As Vice President of the Student Body, Wright was previously responsible for serving as Chair of Senate, including mediating and guiding the legislative process. His tenure as Vice President has been one of distinction and significance.

The Student Government Association was founded in 1922. The purpose of the Senate is to propose and debate bills and resolutions pertaining to Student Life at the College. It is the job of the Senate to allocate funds to over 160 student organizations, provide educational events, and be a mediator between the administration and the students of the College. The Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in the Stern Center Ballroom, 4th floor Stern Center. It is currently working on a series of initiatives, which include, but are not limited to: legalizing skateboarding as a mode for transportation, creating a safer environment for bikers, and creating a more diverse and engaged community on campus.

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