SGA Introduces “the SOURCE”

September 23, 2008

SGA is proud to announce the introduction of the SOURCE. SOURCE is an interactive discussion board for students at the College of Charleston to post various transportation options. Students are able to post the destination and contact information to find other students who are traveling to the same areas.

The current version of SOURCE is in its Beta stage. As the system develops, the SGA will be able to provide an advanced format for students to post travel options to various destinations. SOURCE was created out of discussions with both new students and parents  to the College of Charleston. It was evident that a forum of this kind was needed to help facilitate travel options for all students.

Visit the SOURCE website at .

For questions about the SOURCE please email the Student Government at or visit Stern Center 401.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  All transportation offered and accepted through the SOURCE is the sole responsibility of the drivers and riders involved.  No screening is done through this posting board, by the College of Charleston or by the Student Government Association (SGA).  The safety of the vehicles, drivers and riders is the responsibility of each individual traveler and is NOT the responsibility of the College or the SGA.  Drivers and riders are encouraged to discuss safety and liability (insurance) issues before making final arrangements for travel.  Please note that the College does not provide insurance coverage for these trips. The College of Charleston and the  SGA assume no responsibility for any other information, claim, statement, comment or endorsement made on or through the SOURCE board.  By participating in this bulletin board you agree to be legally bound by the terms of this disclaimer.

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