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For two hundred thirty-eight years, faculty members of the highest quality have taught the best and brightest students at the College of Charleston. This year is no different. This year’s incoming first-year class has the highest GPAs and standardized test scores the College has ever recruited. Academia at the College continues to evolve as the liberal arts and sciences curriculum becomes more inter-disciplinary. We are linking our courses, more than ever, and applying them to what is steps off our campus.

We are no longer bound by St. Philip and Coming Streets to our East and West. Nor are we bound by Calhoun and Wentworth Streets to our North and South. Our campus is the City of Charleston. The city we have grown with since 1770. Charles Towne, founded 1670, to later become Charleston is our dearest friend and confidant. We must constantly work for the City- keeping it alive and healthy, for if there were no Charleston, there would be no College.

This year, the Student Government Association continues its commitment to work for the students at the College of Charleston. We, as students, strive to serve in our best capacity to ensure that student life on campus will continue to thrive. The balance between academia and student life is the foundation of our peer’s lives. We will work together with students, faculty, staff, and the City of Charleston to ensure that student life is at its greatest yet. We will move this campus forward, together.

This will be a great year and I expect great things from our College. Enjoy the Summer and we will see you in August.


-M. Seaton Brown

President of the Student Body

College of Charleston

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