Official Election Results

2008 Election Results Certified by the Election Commission (March 28th, 2008)

SGA President

Seaton Brown

SGA Vice President

Peter Neiger

SGA Secretary

William Porter

SGA Treasurer

Patricia Grant

Senior Senators

Priscila Comley

Lia Daniels

Alex Modly

Kelly Dewes

Brittany Ferro

Junior Senators

R. Shea Diaz

Rachel Koch

Jamie Shafer

Dionna Everett

Whitney Whitson

Andrew Atkinson

Emilie Stafford

Morgan C. Bauserman

Sophomore Senators

Nicholas Boatwright

JK Lawler

John Capelle

T.J. Fielder

Mina Georgy

Megan Roach

Jackson Hoberman

Brittany Graham

Hamilton Osborne

Senior Class President

Skylar Stetten

Senior Class Vice President

Anne Thorsen

Senior Class Secretary

Stacy Mattoon

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