Elections Commission Named

Members of the Election Commission have been named for the Fall 2007 Elections. The regulations of elections in section 900 of the Student Government Association By-laws names the Chair of the Honor Board as Chair of the Elections Commission with the President of the SGA serving as an ex-officio member and two representatives from both the Honor Council and Student Senate. Jennifer von der Heiden will serve as the Chair of the Election Commission, also representing the Honor Council are Meghan Dalton and Hillary Lentz. Representing the Student Government Association will be Vice President Seaton Brown, Parliamentarian Phil Paradise, and President Whitney Hinds as an ex-officio member.

The Election Commission has announced the dates of the Mandatory Information Meetings for students who are interested in campaigning as a Student Senator. All meetings will be held in the lobby area outside of the SGA office on the 4th floor of Stern Center. The dates and times are as follows:

Tuesday, August 28th @ 3pm

Wednesday, August 29th @ 4:30pm

Thursday, August 30th @ 4pm

Friday, August 31st @ 4pm

Please be aware that the final meeting will be one hour prior to the time the Election Packet must be submitted. The Packet does contain a petition to campaign that must have fifty (50) currently enrolled student signatures with student identification number. It is advised that this is completed before the informational meeting.

For any questions contact the Election Commission at cofcsga@gmail.com or by calling the SGA office at 843.953.5722.

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