Welcome Orientation Students!

Welcome to the College of Charleston, Class of 2011!

The Student Government Association congratulates you on being one of the privileged few who is able to call himself a student of this fine institution and a member of the community. When you walk on the brick sidewalks around campus, you follow in the paths of students from over two hundred years of history who dedicate their lives to a collegiate education.

The SGA encourages all students to attend every session offered by the Orientation program so that you may be the most informed when you arrive on campus in August. Please come by the Organization Information Fair on George Street to learn more about the over 155 campus organizations that the SGA has given registered status. If you are interested in becoming a Freshman Senator, please stop by the SGA table and let us know you’re interested. We’ll keep you up-t0-date with all elections information.

Again, enjoy your time here and welcome to the College of Charleston!


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