UAV Robotics Lab

HWEA 105 logoThe UAV Robotics Lab at the College of Charleston is located in Harbor Walk East, room 105C and features a variety of drone technology and opportunities for students to conduct research work in visual and voice guided robotics.  The lab contains DJI Phantom 4 drones, Arduino technologies, Raspberry Pis, wireless microphones, and other fun gadgets that are used to implement research ideas.

Students who have completed CSCI 230 would possess enough of a background to join the lab. A student must be able to work both independently and in a team environment, and might be able to receive course credit (CSCI 397 or CSCI 490) for their work in the lab. Projects involve mobile app development using Java (Android Studio) or control software using C++ (Visual Studio) which integrate speech recognition or computer vision libraries to develop visual and voice guided robotics applications.  To learn more about developing software for the DJI Phantom series, visit:

Interested in joining the lab, contact Dr. Sebastian van Delden.


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