Sponsorships, Donations, Grants

At The College of Charleston:

$100,000 (ongoing funding) COMPASS (COMputing Professionals and Student Scholar) Partnerships with industry (Capgemini, Bosch, Boeing, Mercedes, Benefitfocus, CAI, Booz Allen Hamilton) to support the Computer Science department.

$60,000 (funded) Worked with Cathy Mahon in Institutional Advancement to establish the Robbie Cushing Computing in the Arts Research Assistant endowment. 2016.

At Southeastern:

$25,000 (funded) Co-authored (with Junkun Ma) proposal to the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) to support the Engineering Technology – Energy curriculum innovation.

$2,500,000 (funded) Assisted the Dean and President in securing $2,500,000 from the Louisiana Economic Development (LED) state agency to support computing programs at Southeastern starting in 2016. (Co-authored proposal and presented it to LED.)

$5K (annually) (funded) Secured an annual sponsorship for the Computer Science Programming Team year-round initiative. Sponsored by Geocent. Secured along with John Burris. Established in 2014.

$2,500 (funded) Sponsorship of RoboFit: Robotics and Computing Summer Camp 2014 by Dow Chemical.

$1,000 (funded) Ameritas Technologies sponsors first annual “Programming Bee.” Funds secured by John Burris and Sebastian van Delden. 2013

$3,600 (funded) With Kuo-Pao Yang and Ghassan Alkadi. Taking Southeastern’s Robotics Summer Camp to new Heights: UAV Aerial Mulitcopters. Southeastern Office of Technology, 2013.

$1,500  (funded) Maritime Museum Lighthouse Project. Funds used to support a student team that designed and implemented a solar-powered web camera system connected to the internet via a mobile hotspot at the lighthouse on Lake Pontchartrain. 2013

$10K (annually)  (funded) Secured an annual sponsorship for the Engineering Technology Senior Design Project program from Laitram. Established in 2013.

$1,000 (funded) Sponsorship of Robotics and Computing Summer Camp 2013 by Geocent.

$5,000  (funded) With Kuo-Pao Yang and Ghassan Alkadi. Robotics Summer Camps. Southeastern Office of Technology, 2013.

$4,000  (not funded) Robotic 3D Contour Tracking using the Microsoft Kinect. Supervised Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) – A Program for Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Disciplines. LA EPSCoR, 2013

$1,800  SGA Department Grant. Funding used to improve Computer Science and OSHE labs, 2012.

$13,745 (funded) Projector System for the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Degree Program (Anzalone 215). Southeastern Office of Technology, 2012

At USC Upstate:

$2,500 (funded) Extending a Natural Human-Robot Interface to Three Dimensional Contour Following. South Carolina Research Foundation. January-July, 2012.

$2,000 (funded) Financial Support of Undergraduate Robotics Research at USC Upstate. Upstate Workforce Investment Board. 2011.

$223,747 (not funded) Research Experience for Undergraduates, National Science Foundation, 2011-2013.

$30,000  (funded) Financial Support of Undergraduate Robotics Research at USC Upstate. SEW Eurodrive.  2010-2014.

$137,800 (funded) Equipment Donations/Grants at USC Upstate: Summary: Adept 550 4-dof robotic arm with extra motors and amplifiers, $32,000, J&J Industrial Services Inc., 2010; Fanuc 6 dof robotic arm, $32,000, SEW Eurodrive, 2010;  Adept 550 robotic arm, $25,000, J&J Industrial Services Inc., 2009; Automotive components, $300, Dixie Too Auto Parts, 2008; RS20 4 dof robotic arm, $23,500, Stäubli Corporation, 2007; Adept 550 robotic arm, $25,000, J&J Industrial Services Inc., 2007; Several laptops donated to robotics lab, value not accessed, Automation Engineering Corporation.

$14,530 (funded) Initial Exploration of New Construction and Inferencing Algorithms for BMW’s Vehicle-Configuration Expert-System, BMW’s IT Research Center.  2007-2008.

$2,967 (funded) Robotic 3D Construction of Unknown Surfaces. South Carolina Research Foundation. 2008.

$7000  (funded) Robotics at USC Upstate, Research and Productivity Scholarship (R&PS), Columbia, South Carolina. 2005.

$6,100 (funded) Linking a Syntactic Partial Parse to Semantic Verb Predicates, Research and Productivity Scholarship (R&PS), Columbia, South Carolina. 2004-2005.

$501,469 (not funded) Peeping with Peepers: Bringing the Natural World into the Classroom with Technology and Robotics. U.S. Department of Education. (CO-PI). 2010.

$149,611  (not funded) Automating a Computer Science Curriculum, National Science Foundation (NSF) – Course, Curriculum, and Lab Improvement (CCLI) Program, 2006.

$10,448 (not funded) Integration of Camera Space Manipulation and End Effector Design, Oak Ridge Associated Universities Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards. (CO-PI). 2005.

$20,000 (est)  (funded) The Upstate Make IT Happen Camp. 2012, 2011, 2010. Sponsored by IT-ology.

$500,000 (not funded – decision suspended) Proposal to name the “JM Smith Foundation Mathematics and Computer Science Wing.” Funds to establish innovation fund, remodel tutoring labs, and update lab hardware/software. Coauthored and presented proposal with Bea Smith in University Advancement and Jerome Lewis.

$61,706 (funded) Private sponsorships and grants to support the annual research symposium, summer robotics camps, and annual research journal: $8,000 est (2011), $11,000 est (2011), $7,000 est (2010), $14,500 (2009); $15,706 (2008), $5,500 (2007).

$25,000 (funded) Established a Faculty Release Time Program for the newly created Office of Sponsored Awards and Research Support. Funded by USC Columbia. 2008.

$23,460 (funded) Established a Research Experience Program for USC Upstate students with the Orthopaedic Research Foundation of the Carolinas, 2008, 2009, 2010.

$15,000 (not funded) “Mom and Me Industrial Robotics Summer Camp” for 2010 and 2011. Microsoft Research and NCWIT.  

$925 (funded) Funds used to purchase cameras, rock crawler, and robotic arm kit for the “Peepers” robotics exploration project. (CO-PI), 2009.

$9,750 (funded) Robotics Lab IT Infrastructure upgrade, 2009.

$3,383 (funded) A Natural Language Approach to Manipulator Jogging, Research Incentive Award from the Research Advisory Council. Research Grant. 2007.

– Numerous internal Teaching and Productive Scholarship (TAPS) grants.

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