Step 2: Paper Proposal (due 4/15)

STEP 2: PAPER PROPOSAL (due Wednesday April 15 at 11pm in OAKS)

2 weeks before submitting the paper, you will submit a 1-page, double-spaced, paper proposal, via OAKS. In this proposal you will present:

  • a working title for your paper
  • a description of your topic–clearly stating the subject you will be investigating in your paper–and some reflection on the critical issues you’re considering in your research and expect to address in your paper itself. Make connections with different sources you’ve been investigating (as in your Annotated Bibliography). You might also here point toward some areas that you’re still unsure about, etc. If you reference any sources not included in your Annotated Bibliography, offer a works cited entry for them here, at the bottom of your Proposal.

I will give you feedback on these proposals quickly (in OAKS, as usual), over the weekend. The proposal will be worth 3 percent of the paper grade.

Here are two proposals written by students in previous classes: sample 1 and sample 2


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