The Use of God

I was intrigued by the function or use of God and faith in this work. The first place I noticed this was when the speaker was describing the beautiful woman’s plight. Her physical appearance was mentioned, as was her emotional and mental struggle. It wasn’t just the isolation that was ruining her, however. It was also the fact that she couldn’t attend Mass or carry out God’s will. She was spiritually denied as well as physically, emotionally, and socially. Because of this, she cried out to God, praying that he would send her some relief in the form of excitement or adventure. Soon after, she meets Muldumarec. The woman is attracted to him, but doesn’t accept his advances until he proves that he’s a Christian as well. She seems to take his appearance as some kind of answer to prayer. God has sent him to her to alleviate her suffering. I guess my question is “would God ordain adultery by sending another man to her?” I mean, she seemed well-educated in the ways of the scripture and adultery is definitely on the “do not commit” list. Using an answer to prayer just seemed, to me, to be a strange plot device, especially for this situation and time period. Is that kind of the point, though? ┬áTo what end?

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