Marie de France’s Yonec is a tale that feels like many tales  Hinting at Rapunzel, familiar chivalry tales, and Oedipus, The tale is heavy on the imaginary and religious.  I think that this gives it a feeling of tradition with imagery and imagination as well.  It does not feel like a love story, nor a tragedy. It is simply creepy.

As I was reading this story I was also watching American Horror Story.  I could not help but see the similarities in some of the peripheral aspects to the story such as the obsessions by the lord, the spits intended to kill the knight, the extreme and intricate instructions on how to avoid or keep fate in your favor.  I read of how the maiden falls and follows the knight down to a place where he spins a yarn about swords and rings, I tend to see the strangeness that reminds me of the show I am watching.  Instead of a straightforward tale, Marie de France spins a web of interesting bits and pieces of a story of simple love.  I think that this means that the medieval feelings may have been ones that wanted to be satisfied with various reasons for things.  I also think that there were many imaginative elements to each part of the story and these moments were creative, gory, unexpected, typical, and all made up this one story.

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