Language Evolution

I want to first comment on the German origin of the English language, more so apparent in Old English than any other version since derived. I never knew English had a German background or influence but that does explain why Old English sounds so foreign and is such a challenge to unravel. In the exercise it is evident as the language and characters become more familiar, that there is a shift in the origin. The most noticeable difference is the change in letters or symbols used the in Old and Middle English. Once these characters are omitted or replace by French or Modern English the language is more familiar to the Early or Modern English reader. The shift from Old English to Middle English is interesting as well because we see the meshing of two languages, German and French. The French being more familiar because with German influence discontinued the French influence increased and is now prevalent in the Modern English language today, though greatly evolved.

The history of the difference influences on the language is also interesting although I am not clear on how the church conflict and politics tie into or influence the Middle English language aside from the power shifts of nations. The events inspired stories, But how was the language affected?

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