Welcome to Medieval Object Ecologies!

I hope you’ll take a look around the course blog and get yourself familiarized, and I look forward to seeing you in our first class meeting on the 19th! The course schedule, description (“Our course” in the blog menu) and syllabus (“Policies” in the blog menu) are posted, and there you’ll see that most of our coursework will be done here on the blog site–but with papers submitted, and related comments and grades posted, in OAKS.  [I will send out an email to the class indicating the password for protected pages, such as the schedule. If you don’t receive one , email me and let me know.]

Please note that we will be using 5 texts this semester, and that 2 of those are available free online, so you may choose to use those electronically.

Feel free, please, to contact me with any questions that might arise before the first day.