What is the Importance of the “spot” ?

In my readings tonight, one thing that I found very intriguing was the images that were found in the Pearl poem with the man dreaming by the river. One thing that really caught my attention was the “spot” that they kept referring to. Looking at the image, initially I didn’t see any major significance’s of the spot. To me, it just seemed like a darker part of the hill like a river or some sort. I didn’t think that it had any major importance. But after reading through the chapter, it became clear to me what the spot represented in reference to the poem itself. I thought that it was very interesting that something so small and insignificant could have so much importance on the image as a whole. When the writer began to analyze the spot and say that it was a representation of either the grave of the dreamer’s daughter, the portal to heaven, or the place where he initially dropped the Pearl, it made me think how amazing it was for the artist to add in such a small and somewhat insignificant detail, but he created it in a way that made it seem so important.

Another thing about this image that I found very interesting was the idea of the aquamarine color that was supposedly not there in the original. This brings back more interest towards the spot. One question that this posed in my mind was what was the purpose of adding the spot later? If the original artist did not put this small detail into the original piece, then why did another artist find it important to add in later? The spot posed a lot of curiosity in my mind and I would really like to gather more information on it and who drew in the spot and why? Was it just a mistake on the part of the first artist? Or was it something that needed to be added for a different reason. This is definitely something that I want to find out more information on.

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