Sample final exam question (for up to 3 bonus points)

**An extra credit opportunity exists to earn up to 3 extra points on your final exam grade by posting to the blog a question you would like to see on the exam itself. The question could be for either Part 1 or Part 2 of the final. To get full credit, you need to indicate which section of the exam it would best suit. These are due Wednesday, April 22 at midnight.**

One thought on “Sample final exam question (for up to 3 bonus points)

  1. For part 2 of the final:

    Compare the religious medieval texts we covered in the second half of the semester (“The Life of Christina of Markyate,” “St. Margaret,”
    Margery Kempe, “Book of Margery Kempe,” and Julian of Norwich, “Revelations of Divine Love”) to either the novel “The Anchoress” by Robyn Cadwallader or the film “Anchoress.” Discuss the similarities and differences between one or more of the medieval texts to one of the modern ones. What do the women of the middle ages share with those written for a modern audience? What differs? Do you think the modern tellings helped you understand the medieval women and their circumstances; how so?

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